''Inheritance-worthy ethical jewellery''. 

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creating the heirlooms of the future

Well-sourced, well made diamond jewellery will outlive you. You will pass it down the generations as a legacy of love, commitment, and care.


It tells your story. 


Ethical Engagement Rings


Our promise is to tell your story as it should be told. To your loved one, and to the generations who follow in your footsteps. 

If you think it's about diamonds, you've missed the point. It's about incredible relationships.

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how we make your ring

our philosophy


The formidable beauty of an LMK diamond is the result of our intense compulsion to source only the most perfect ethical diamonds available. Discover the perfect diamond for you.


We create a unique, bespoke engagement ring design, perfectly tailored to you. Your design is one-of-a-kind, and we never replicate the exact-same design twice.


Your hand-crafted engagement ring is lovingly packaged in our luxury box and securely delivered, anywhere in the world, ready for the proposal to end all proposals.

About Lydia


''At nine years old, my father took me to the local jeweller to help choose a gift for my mother. It was the first time I experienced the magic of diamonds, and the effect they have on personal relationships. Totally captivated, it's no surprise diamonds have become my life.

Years later, whilst working in mining and managing the inevitable deaths, I came across a man my age who lost his limb as a nine year old boy as part of the blood diamond war in Sierra Leone. Knowing this man had his life so tragically transformed by diamonds in the same year my family was brought closer together, I knew I had to radically change the way the world sources diamonds.

Today, every lab-grown diamond sale we make provides funding to an amputee victim of blood diamonds.

About You


We work with professionals who are connoisseurs in multiple arenas, and understand how to buy fine wine, antiques, and art. They are successful individuals who recognise that they can enjoy luxury and make a positive impact.


They are patient, and prefer handmade gifts according to their individual requirements, as opposed to those available for just anyone to purchase.

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