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Top 5 Mistakes Smart People make when Buying an Engagement Ring

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In the slightly altered lyrics of a famous rapper:

If you've got proposal problems, I feel bad for you son. I've got 99 problems, but investment knowledge ain't one... HIT ME!

And as I slowly bring myself back down to reality, today marks the day we launch our newest and best market research into savvy diamond buying for 2021!

My goal is to give you the brain of a professional diamond dealer, making it incredibly easy for you to know when you've found a good buy.

What better way to do this than by attending an Industry Insider Session, usually only taught to professional diamond retailers. 


All you need to do is:

  1. Absorb the information during the complimentary session

  2. Learn the sales secrets diamond sellers use on you

  3. Take your knowledge out on the road as you nail this once-in-a-lifetime purchase

Introducing: 'The Industry Insider' Session

Why attend?

  1. Learn the techniques diamond salesmen use, so you can avoid them 

  2. How to spot an incorrectly priced diamond

  3. How to identify the sparkliest diamond from similarly priced options

  4. In-depth, behind-the-scenes trade sourcing secrets

  5. How to read a diamond certificate, and identify flaws

  6. Learn in the comfort of home

The perfect engagement ring is chosen by a confident investor. 

It stands up to scrutiny against comparison, allowing the wearer to tell only positive stories of 'how it happened'.

The 'Industry Insider' session will take you behind the curtain on how diamonds are graded, traded, and priced. It's a steep learning curve for serious people who are ready to learn how to invest properly. 

I'm so looking forward to your success - let's get this right first time!