5 Common Mistakes when Buying an Engagement Ring

It's a huge step to get engaged, so no pressure -  perhaps you are asking yourself, ''what engagement ring should I get my girlfriend?''

Glad you asked.

We get it that you have a different agenda from your girlfriend when it comes to buying a diamond.


After all, you are inspired by different things.


She is dreaming of a gorgeous gem because it's symbolic of your feelings for her, and she wants to own and enjoy this special one-off in life.




You are worried about how much it will cost, the hassle of purchasing one, and how to propose.


What if you get it wrong - will she like the engagement ring you choose?

Discover quickly and easily how to approach buying an engagement ring by downloading our handy guide.


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Introducing: 'The 5 Most Common Mistakes Men Make' Guide

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  1. Learn the common mistakes others make, so you avoid them 

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  3. How to choose the perfect design, first time 

  4. Discover how to buy ethically

  5. Includes simple Do’s and Don’ts you can apply right away

The perfect purchase is on-budget, ethical and unique to you, and capable of impressing your girlfriend, your friends, and family, for decades to come.

This guide will help you determine if your ring meets these criteria, before you part with any of your hard-earned cash.  

Let's get it right first time!

I'm so looking forward to your success - let's get this right first time!


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